Hello everybody and thanks for visiting my little kingdom!

Hello everybody and thanks for visiting my little kingdom!

Let me tell you something about me and this blog. In ordinary life, I’m Isa, a freelance illustrator, designer and comic artist from Germany.

The idea behind this blog is to create a place for crazy, colorful, imaginative clothes that tell stories. I don’t doubt there are other blogs like that, but I especially want to support fashion that is inspired by cartoons, tv shows, movies, characters, games (and the list goes on) or reminds me of it/them.

Furthermore, I want to reassure people to wear clothes that they feel comfortable with and love, no matter what other people think or say. I know that it’s sometimes rather hard, especially when you are young. Just start small, maybe with an accessory, you can build on that. Wear your clothes with pride, no matter what brand it is!

I’m also featuring  trends or collections (from H&M to Chanel) that are noteworthy, there are so many collections I’ll try to keep track of. It’s really important to me that this blog is international, everybody should be able to read it and maybe help improving it. That’s why I write the prices in euro and dollar (or pound). I won’t only feature luxurious labels but also budget friendly brands, that most people (like me) can afford. I must confess though, I love Chanel and some of the high priced labels.

I know that I’m rather at the beginning with my blog but being a self-publisher myself I would love to feature some products from small or private labels. So if you have a label (or product) and want me to write a blog entry about it, no matter if it’s clothes, bags, jewelry, nail polish or any other product, please contact me.


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