Blutsgeschwister: New Collection For Fall



“A woman’s work is never done” is the title of the latest collection by the german label “Blutsgeschwister“.

If you don’t know the label, you simply have to check it out! Their style is so unique and made with much love and ingenuity. The first things I kept in mind as being typical for the brand, are their beautiful patterns, wild colors and stories they tell with their clothes. Some might call it a little cheesy but when I’m down I just have to wear one of their pieces and I feel better. Just try it!

Blutsgeschwister is one german brand I would definitively recommend to foreigner.

Like the title already implies, the clothes in the collection tell stories about strong, self-confident women, their hard jobs and how they handle them brilliantly (and sometimes even two at once). I don’t know if anybody noticed but the style of this collection reminds me a little of the style of the 1940s, when women had to work in factories because most of the men were fighting in the second world war. And of course, of the german women who rebuilt their homes and bombed cities, while so many men where in soviet war imprisonment. So much for the history lesson 🙂

My favorite item of the collection is the “Lunchbreak Egg-Jack” in coffee break.


So what would complete your perfect autumn style? Tell us what is your favorite item of the collection?


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