As sweet as Vanellope von Schweetz


Dear readers, did you have a nice friday?

Did anyone see ‘Wreck it Ralph’?

Vanellope von Schweetz is a character from Disney’s ‘Wreck it Ralph’, she lives in a game world where everything is made of candy. So I searched for fashion as sweet as candy 🙂

Wow, the whole internet is full of candy inspired fashion, so her are some items I liked the most.

With the ‘Eyescream Maxi Dress’ by coveted society, you look like a giant, living ice cone. Who wouldn’t want that? The bright colors makes it a perfect dress for summer or if you think it’s too daring for everyday life, why not wearing it for Halloween.

At Claire’s you can get many sweet accessories like ice cone earrings or a bracelets with sweets. Those accessories will sweeten up your style.

The ‘So cute! Juku’ Hoodie by Wildfox is great for relaxing or for your casual wear. Too sad, that there is no blue version of the hoody, it would have been a great item if you want to cosplay Vanellope. But I’m sure, Vanellope would love this pink hoodie, too! By the way, Wildfox has many cute tops, sadly it is rather expensive.

Love Moschino features some sweet, black rubber boots in their fall collection. They remind me of Vanellope’s boots, but their are also great for a rainy autumn. For rain boots those are expensive, but for a Love Moschino product the price is okay, so you might consider how often you will need them.

Nishe is a label from Hongkong that features cute fashion like their ‘Sweet’ Dress‘. The dress has a lovely shape and dark blue color with sweets all over it. If you love cute, girlish fashion you should keep an eye on Nishe 😉

Last but not least, a Velvet Twisted Scarf in ‘Carbernet’ by American Apparel. It reminded me of Vanellope’s hair tie, sadly this item is made of velvet not sugar but therefore it’s very comfortable to wear, and you can form it, whatever way you want. This item is available in many different colors.

This is my sixth entry now, I know this is not much but do you like my blog? I haven’t had any comments yet, so if you have some time, please tell me what you like or not like. I really would love to hear your opinion and it’s doesn’t have to be a long letter. Of course you can also comment on my latest entry, tell me if you liked the items I’ve chosen.

Have a great friday everybody! ❤


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