Must-Have Leggings!


Do you love leggings as much as I do? They are comfortable, you can wear them under your favorite dresses when it’s cold or use them for doing sports. As various as their purpose, is their design. Here are some great leggings you have to see.

If you like it glamorous you’ll love the ‘Shimmering Disco Leggings‘ by ASOS for $30,96/€22,86. That item is simply made for night life.

Sport leggings are perfect for a casual look, no matter if you wear them for a walk or a short trip to the supermarket, in the park on a sunny day or on the way to gym. Plus, you’ll look super sportive even if your not so sporty (like me). There are many brands that sell sport leggings I have picked the ‘Leg-A-See’ by Nike for $45/€35 and the ‘Non Stop Leggings’ by Adidas Neo for $15/€19,95. H&M and Gina Tricot also have a section for sportswear.

There are so many leggings with crazy designs and patterns. Like the ‘Batman Logo!’ leggings by H&M, I’ve seen many other leggings with cartoon prints, that is really in at the moment. Or check out the leggings by Tally Weijl with a black and white all over print (of an antic relief I believe, the homepage didn’t say) for €12,95.

You can also go completely crazy with a leggings like the one in SpongeBob style by Moschino. I picked that one to show that  there is no price limit when it comes to luxurious items, this yellow masterpiece goes for $1,350. Sadly, I cannot tell you if it’s worth the price because it’s a little too expensive for me.

Last but not least, an item that you can always wear without fearing to attract too much attention is a plain-colored leggings like the ‘Cotton Spandex Jersey’ leggings by American Apparel for $28/€28. American Apparel has a wide color range to choose from, the color I’ve chosen is ‘lapis’.

What are your favorite leggings? Do you like them plain or crazy? Tell us in the comments 🙂


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