Furry Little Monsters – Items inspired by Pixar’s Sulley


This fall you can run around like a fuzzy monster and have fun, just like Sulley from Pixar‘s ‘Monster, Inc.’. There is no limit to your imagination, who needs mink when there is monster fur:

Wear a monster as jacket with the ‘Fur Face’ Jacket by Lazy Oaf, not only has this jacket funny eyes on it’s back, it’s also rainbow colored and super fuzzy! Extra points for the craziness.

The ‘Lisa’ Jacket by Gina Tricot reminds me of soft, pink cotton candy. The jacket is available in many other colors, also in a nice blue ton that screams ‘Cookie Monster‘. But the pink one looks too delicious.

Even accessories wear  furry coats these days, like the ‘Furry Up’ iPhone 5 Case by Skinnydip London. It makes sense, when you like it warm in winter, why should your mobile phone get cold.

Or how about a little furry companion, the ‘Monster Kiss’ lock purse by Claire’s would be perfect (cute).

It’s cold in the mongolian steppe and even if you don’t live there, you might be glad to have the ‘Mongolian Collar’ by ASOS with you on a cold winter’s day. So fuzzy and wild, Genghis Khan would be jealous.

The playsuit with furry velvet texture by ASOS is soft and perfect for sitting all day. You have a hard working day, at least with this item it’s going to be comfortable and trendy 🙂

Don’t worry, all of the items listed above are made of faux fur or other synthetic materials, we are against animal cruelty! And of course, no monsters were harmed, too 🙂

Tell us about your favorite furry item!


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