New Outfit – yellow beanie, gray basic tee, Chanel denim skirt




It is rather hard making photos by yourself when you have no idea what you are doing. I really need more practice, this was done in a hurry (you can even see the remote for the autotimer)… Maybe I’ll have some time on a weekend to try out a little, I also need a nice simple background…

The idea behind this was to show how nice yellow and black/gray looks together. My new “Admiration” eyeshadow by Chanel inspired me to try the look. Also, I used the occasion to wear my Chanel denim skirt, that I love. I really love yellow at the moment, maybe it’s because of the end of summer.

I’m wearing:

A yellow beanie and a basic T-Shirt by H&M

A statement necklace by Pieces (from last fall)

My denim skirt by Chanel

The Honey 2.0 shoes by Adidas Originals and Rita Ora (I think it’s sold out on, on it’s still available) You can hardly see them on the photos but I’m going to make an extra post for them. They are really great.

On the eyes I wear the “Admiration” eyeshadow by Chanel, it is a part of the “États Poétiques”Collection for fall. Anyways, it is in their permanent range. For the lips I used the Chanel Levres Scintillantes in “Amour”, also a part of their permanent range.

I hope you like the outfit, comments and critics are always welcome 🙂


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