Costume Ideas: Lydia from Beetlejuice

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So, next week is Halloween and you still don’t have a costume? Maybe I can help!

One of my favorite movies is ‘Beetlejuice’, which was directed by Tim Burton in 1988. For me this movie is a piece of art, I know many people that hate it but you will find that kind of trashy, lovable uniqueness very rarely these days.

However, a young Winona Ryder plays the role of the depressed teenager Lydia, who is able to see ghosts. I simply love Lydia’s style, I can remember how much she influenced me when I was young.


Lydia’s wears black and gothic inspired clothes, lace is a must! There are so many black dresses with lace at the moment, here are only two examples by Free People:

The ‘Say You Love Me’ Maxi is a beautiful black dress with a playful lace pattern on the front, while the ‘Romance’ Maxi has a all over lace with a flower pattern and is see-through. You can combine it with a petticoat or black (or even burgundy) leggings.

Try some black boots with heels, like the ‘Anti Lace-Up Work Boots’ by Topshop.

A cape is a good idea for Lydia, you can also use a big black scarf if you don’t want to purchase a cape. At the moment the Black Halloween Cape with spider-webs by Claire’s is a great item for the costume.

If you rather want to use a top and skirt than a dress, go for victorian inspired tops with a a choker, like the High Neck Pleated Pussybow Blouse by Topshop.

There are many ways to combine this outfit and you can also wear the items in everyday life.

Just a little hint for the make-up: Try the ‘Kontrol’ lipstick by Illamasqua or the ‘Lydia’ lip tar by OCC! I think the lip tar by OCC is named after the Lydia from ‘Beetlejuice’ but I’m rather bad with horror movies, so there might be another Lydia that I don’t know… The Collection was inspired by heroines of horror movies ( the other lip tars are named ‘Starling’, ‘Black Dahlia’, ‘Marion’, ‘Sybil’ and ‘Psycho’). Both are great colors and have a great pigmentation!

Do you like the idea?


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