Cozy Kitten Outfit


Hello everyone!

It’s really getting cold outside now and it’s getting dark way to early, too. I think I have a winter depression… I’m still searching for a place in our house where I can take pictures of my outfits but I haven’t been successful so far. There is not much free space but the real problem is that the rooms are rather dark and I don’t want to use artificial lights…

However, there are also some things that are great about that time of year. I love putting up some lights and candles when it get’s dark and what’s great too, are the cozy and warm clothes.

I’m a big fan of sweaters, I have way too many and still can’t stop buying more… The one I’m wearing is also one of my favorites, I like it’s crazy design and rainbow color. I think I bought it in summer at H&M and it wasn’t an expensive, cat patterns are really in this year.

The snood by Superdry is very comfortable, too. You can totally hide behind it if you don’t want to be seen 🙂

I was wearing a pair of “Disco Pants” by American Apparel, they fit very well and come in so many different colors. Yes, they are expensive but I definitely consider buying another one some day.

In case you like Swarovski jewelry, I spotted their Stardust Bracelet collection some weeks ago and it’s really worth being checked out. You can choose between a normal bracelet and a double one (you can wear the double one as necklace, too). The single bracelet comes in 8 different colors and double bracelet in 14 different colors! I think those bracelets would be a great gift for under the Christmas tree. If you are interested you can get more details on

I really hope you like my outfit, please feel free to write a comment any time. I haven’t had much time to upload often, that’s why I haven’t got much traffic on my blog. I hope you see anyways that I love my blog and put much effort into it. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Maybe I can draw your attention to my instagram acount. I’m uploading more pictures there, maybe you have some free time and stop by 🙂

Thanks so much!

xx Isa



isa_meow_2isa_meow_5 isa_meow_4


Clothes I’m wearing:

  • Sweater with cats pattern by H&M (no longer available)
  • The Disco Pants by American Apparel in “Midnight Navy”
  • Red leather Boots by Buffalo London (no longer available)



  • Sublime de Chanel waterproof mascara by Chanel
  • Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss by Chanel in “Merveille”
  • Nail Polish by Cult Nails in (no longer available)



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