Casual Denim Outfit (that crop top problem)


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This is an outfit I wore last week. Yes, it’s a crop top. It’s so typical of me to start wearing crop tops in autumn… But it was rather warm that day.

I think it’s weird that there are more belly tops in winter than in summer. Have you noticed that, too? The Lightweight Crop Sweater by American Apparel is actually from last winter but I’ve never worn it because it was too cold. I love crop tops but their is only a short time in the year you can actually wear them, especially if it’s a long sleeved. And Sometimes I’ve not enough self-esteem to wear a belly top, I’m lucky I’m thin, yes, but their are days when I feel naked even if it’s only my belly that is naked. Do you know that feeling?

I’m also very proud of my Denim Jacket by ASOS. It’s soft and warm and you can wear it with nearly anything. It’s a great deal when traveling because you can combine it with so many clothes.

The bag in the photos is the ‘Vote’ Satchel by Aldo. I’ve never been to an Aldo store, as far as I know we don’t have an Aldo in Germany, which is sad because they have wonderful shoes and bags and in a great price range, too. Luckily, I’ve been to London some weeks ago and bought that great bag. I was looking for a bag that looked like Taylor Swift‘s bag. It’s not the same bag but I love the little key detail and the color is stunning. 🙂

Please tell me your opinion on my outfit or what to improve, or simply hi.

Feedback is always welcome 🙂

xx Isa

Isa_jeans_rock_03 Isa_jeans_rock_04 Isa_jeans_rock_02

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