Birthday Party Outfit (Sister Jane, Claire’s)


Hello everybody,

I had my birthday party ten days ago, it was the first birthday party I hosted after 8 years. The theme of the party were the years 1920 to 1940 because many of my friends love dressing vintage.

In matters of fashion, I decided to buy a dress by Sister Jane, a british label with beautiful and stylish dresses. Their store is located on Portobello Road in London. I’ve been to London last month but sadly we didn’t make it to Portobello Road. So I purchased the ‘Velvet Diamond Dress’ online and it was really fast delivered.

The dress is absolutely stunning, there is a very detailed burnout pattern, that looks art nouveau like to me and three crystal buttons at the front of the dress. I’m pretty sure it is not the last item I bought at Sister Jane. 🙂

The photos were taken rather fast before the guests arrived, so they are not perfect. Still, I think they are cute and I also like the outfit of that day. I also added some accessories that looked like they were inspired by the 1920s, like the long pearl necklace or the barrette with black feathers both by Claire’s.

The evening was really nice but time passed so quickly, we had only little time to shot more photos. In future I have to plan extra photo time. 🙂

Here are some more photos of that day:

Geburtstag_1 Geburtstag_02 Geburtstag_04Geburtstag_05

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please, take some time to comment, critique is always welcome.

And I really want to thank the 30 people that follow me on Bloglovin’, thanks so much! You might think 30 is not much but it’s so hard to get a blog going in the beginning, everyone who is following my blog is encouraging me to go on 🙂

xx Isa

Clothes I’m wearing:




2 responses to Birthday Party Outfit (Sister Jane, Claire’s)

    • Isabell Ristow – Author

      Hello Anna,
      the texture is great isn’t it? Sadly the pictures a little too dark, so you cannot see it so well.

      Thanks so much for the comment 😀

      xx Isa


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