Christmas 2014 Outfit (J.Crew, Blutsgeschwister)


Hello my dear readers,

I wish you a (nearly too late) Merry Christmas! I’ve been very busy visiting family, giving gifts, eating chocolate and feeling bad about it the last two days.  But today I want to show you what my Christmas Outfit looked like this year.

It was really hard to make the photos, so many different lights, the mirroring of the glass door, some of my family members running through the pictures and me making photos of myself and feeling pretty stupid at the same time. My family is a little old fashioned, they see no sense in making photos of outfits and blogging about fashion. Actually, most of them think the internet is bad and nothing should be shared with strangers via the internet. I can completely understand that one has to be careful what to post but there are some benefits as well. You can meet many people from all around the world, share and write about what you love and find people who feel the same.

It’s a great way to be creative and learn things you haven’t known about, I really like blogging about fashion that’s just what I wanted to say 🙂

Let’s get back to the photos, I haven’t had much time and nearly no experience with indoor photography. Please don’t hate me people, I’m really trying my best here.

I actually like loud and funny outfits but on Christmas I’ve to dress more conservative for my family, which is not bad but I like to joke about it. So, I told my aunt I was trying to dress prude, of course she acted a little offended. 🙂

I like the Steady Friend Cardy by Blutsgeschwister the most, it is from their last Christmas Collection. You won’t believe how hard I have to search for pumps… I have super slim feet, not even italian designer shoes fit, so I bought some cheap but lovely pumps by Pimkie. It kinda worked, I was nearly blown away by the wind and needed hours for a walk but I made it alive 😀

I hope you like the pictures and the outfit, it’s a little cheesy with all the lights and everything but hey, it’s Christmas!

Have a great day everyone!

xx Isa

Xmas_02 Xmas_03 Xmas_04 Xmas_05 Xmas_06 Xmas_07

Clothes I’m wearing:




2 responses to Christmas 2014 Outfit (J.Crew, Blutsgeschwister)

    • Isabell Ristow – Author

      Thanks so much Anna for all your comments! They really mean much to me 🙂
      I’m so glad that you like my outfits, you have such a great and unique style, I can learn so much from you 🙂

      xx Isa


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