New Year’s Outfit 2015 (ASOS, American Apparel)


Dear Readers,

it’s already the 4th of January 2015 but I’m wishing you a great New Year anyway!

This post features my New Year’s Outfit, which is a little crazy but why not, right? Actually, I really like it 🙂 I’m wearing a Wildfox item for the first time, their ‘It was only a Dream’ Hooded Jacket is so soft, it’s really a dream. At the moment I would love to buy some more Wildfox, it reminds me of Los Angeles (it is a LA based brand after all) and holidays by the sea.

Oh and the Fuzzy Cropped Tee by American Apparel is also very soft and comfortable, a great piece. The only downside is: it’s a crop top and not so suited for european winters. You can wear a longer top underneath of course 😉

I’ve celebrated New Year’s with some friends, it was really nice I haven’t seen some of them for many years… Man, time flies. Christmas and New Year’s Eve always make me melancholy…


I want to thank you all for your support, feedback and comments and hope you’ll enjoy my blog even more this year! I will try to improve it and make it a more interesting place for you readers. As a reminder, critique, feedback and suggestions on how to improve this site are always welcome and appreciated.

Thanks also to all my followers on Instagram, Bloglovin’, Twitter and Facebook! You rule, thanks so much for the interest and support! ❤

Let’s have a great 2015!

xx Isa

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