5 sweet dresses by Miss Patina


Hello there!

I really love Vintage or Vintage inspired clothes, so if you do too, you have to check out Miss Patina!

Their clothes are so sweet and the stories they tell are simply beautiful and dreamy. You feel like being taken back to better and more peaceful times somewhere in Great Britain.

The description of the dresses on Miss Patina are so nice and suiting, I simply copied them.

Also, it was very hard to sort out only five dresses because they are all great, I hope you like my pick 🙂

Have a wonderful friday everyone!

xx Isa

Oriel Dress

“Catch a riverboat across to London Bridge and alight for a truly splendid view of the capital. Later, continue your Thames travels and discover more about the regal story of our city. Vintage inspired and meticulously crafted, the Oriel dress will aid your explorations and excursions.”

Available in White and Navy!


Mad Hatter Dress

“You’re running late for a very important date, so make sure you follow the right path and beware of any rabbit holes that might get in your way.”


Fitzrovia Frock 

“Your style always incorporates an air of sophistication whether you’re at work, indulging in some retail therapy or going for drinks. So be sure to add the Fitzrovia frock to your wardrobe this winter, to maintain a sophisticated vintage style.”

Available in Eggshell and Sapphire!


Tea For Two Dress

“The camomile and honey tea won’t sup itself! Set in a romantic Georgian townhouse you find yourself a dainty, antique tea house. For raspberry flavored treats and rich baked goods, why would you ever go anywhere else?”

Available in Navy and Dusty Pink!


Regency Dress

“Run to the fields on this hot summer’s day and explore the beautiful scenery around you, whilst you daydream about regency fashion and life in the countryside.”

Available in Pale Pink and Mint!



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