Surprised by Snow Outfit (Minimum)



I hope you are all fine!

Where I live we don’t have snow that often, last year we had no snow at all. I’m actually fine with that because I don’t like snow that much. It was a given that it would start snowing as soon as I unpacked my camera to shot photos of my favorite winter jacket. But after some time it was a real snowing like crazy! It was my first photo shot with falling snow. Nice isn’t it 🙂

The jacket is by minimum which is a cool danish brand. If you don’t know it yet, check out their homepage, they have nice stuff.

The design of the jacket is clever, the zipper is oblique and if you zip it up to the end you get a high and cool looking collar. I combined it with a playful knitt beanie by Bijou Brigitte and overknee socks by H&M to create a contrast.

How do you like the combination? Does it work for you? Maybe you want to share your opinion with the other readers? 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great thursday!

xx Isa

snow_01snow_03 snow_04

Clothes I’m wearing:




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