My First Festival Outfit (Free People, One Teaspoon)



Hello everyone!

We just had the first really warm days this year, the perfect time to try out my first festival style outfit.

I love so many items from this outfit 🙂

I have been admiring the jewelry by Vanessa Mooney for some time now but I never had the money or a ‘real’ reason to buy anything by the brand. Plus, it is rather hard to get pieces from a Vanessa Mooney collection where I live. But I recently spotted a beautiful necklace, a combination of a rosary and a bolo tie at ASOS. I was searching for a bolo tie that I liked for a long time and this necklace is perfect. The other reason why I bought it is that the name of the necklace is The Chantal Rosary Necklace, since my middle name is Chantal it was sign for me to buy it 🙂

Furthermore, I’m a huge fan of the australian brand One Teaspoon and I’m the proud owner of this harem style pant. It’s really comfortable and perfect for summer.

Another great item is the Ria Medieval Sword Buckle Belt by Black & Brown London, it has a little dagger attached to the belt and a medieval design. I really love this belt and have to create another outfit with it. Also, the Breakfast Club Sunglasses by Quay are really recommendable, they are my favorite sunglasses at the moment. Just a little hint, they look great with a basic top and a tight jeans 😉

I’m wearing a fake septum on the pictures, it is not at all uncomfortable. After a time I didn’t even notice it anymore… My mother hates the septum, she is a little old-fashioned (but you should see what she was wearing in the 60s and 70s…). She also hates the destroyed jeans by One Teaspoon…

Okay, I hope you like the outfit 🙂 Also, I want to thank my wonderful Bloglovin’ followers! I’m pretty sure my blog will hit the 200 this year! 😀

My Instagram account on the other hand is not going so well… Followers are so appreciated! I just don’t seem to get the hang of Instagram XD

Thanks so much everybody!

xx Isa

festival_01 festival_02 festival_03 festival_05 festival_06 festival_07

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Earth Keeper Shawl Outfit (Demobaza, American Apparel)



Finally, I created an outfit around my Earth Keeper Shawl by Demobaza 🙂 Some days ago I wrote a post about the brand here.

I really love the shawl, you can wrap it around your body in many different ways. It always looks cool and it is certainly an item that you won’t find often on other people.

I combined it with a cool-looking chambray button-down shirt by American Apparel, my beloved West Western Black Ankle Boots by YRU and Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

While Festival Season comes closer and closer (yay!) I seem to be attracted by western inspired fashion. I don’t like western movies that much but the clothes and accessories are appealing.

I’m wearing my long lost Perversion Eyeliner by Urban Decay (here is a good product review) on the lids and it really is one of the best black eyeliners I have tried so far, I totally recommend it to everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping by I hope you like my new outfit! Please feel free to comment, critic is always welcome!

Have a great saturday,

xx Isa

demobaza_01demobaza_02 demobaza_05 demobaza_04 demobaza_06

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Valentine’s Day Outfit (Marc by Marc Jacobs, American Apparel)


Dear readers,

today’s post is all about the outfit I wore on Valentine’s Day. It’s all pink, red and sweet only the unicorn is missing. But I have an Anna (Disney’s Frozen) Plush instead!

The hearts and lips sweater by Marc by Marc Jacobs is perfect for the occasion, it is one of my favorite items. Maybe you already know (if not you do now) how much I love the brand Marc Jacobs, so that fits, too 🙂

I combined the sweater with the Disco Pants by American Apparel which I praised so many times before and a sparkling, mint colored top by Missguided. I must admit that the top by Missguided is rather uncomfortable, it is very scratchy… which is sad because it looks really nice…

After all, I’m pleased with this outfit, I hope you like it, too.

Besides, the pink drink by True Fruits was my reward, hmmmm yummy.

I think a Valentine’s post is the right moment to thank my followers again. Thanks so much for more than 100 Followers on Bloglovin’! I’m really happy about every single one of you! 😀 And thanks to my over 70 followers on Instagram! Maybe you don’t even realize it but every like, comment and follow means much to me. It means that there are people somewhere in the world, that like and support me and the things I do. I’m not a celebrity with thousands of comments and likes, I notice when people like and comment my works and I’m thankful 🙂 Just had to say that.

Thanks for reading my new blog entry!

xx Isa

valntinstag_02 valntinstag_04 valntinstag_05 valntinstag_06 valntinstag_07


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An evening with Marc Outfit (Marc by Marc Jacobs)


Dear readers,

who would say no to an evening with Marc Jacobs?! I wouldn’t 🙂 But an evening with a Marc by Marc Jacobs Top is also nice. The Rally Moto Printed Jersey Top is from last Falls Collection, which I really like. Especially because of the cool patterns and the strong colors.

I’m also wearing the ‘Electro Q Percy’ Bag and the ‘Sweet Pretzel’ Necklace both by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Together with a plain skirt or trousers and plain pumps, it’s a perfect outfit for having a night out with friends. I combined the jersey top with a plain black Skater Skirt by ASOS and my Faux Leather Pumps by Pimkie.


With what would you have combined the top? What is your favorite evening outfit?

Maybe you want to share your opinion in the comments 🙂 Thanks so much to the sweet people who are commenting and following me!

Have a great thursday, the weekend is near!

xx Isa

m_jacobs_01m_jacobs_03 m_jacobs_04


Clothes I’m wearing:



  • Sublime de Chanel Waterproof Mascara by Chanel
  • Écriture de Chanel Eyeliner Pen by Chanel in ‘Noir’
  • Lip Gloss Villains by LCN in ‘taste the apple’
  • Nail Polish Villains by LCN in ‘the fairest of them all’


The Best of Shiny by American Apparel



Hello guys!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over but that’s no reason to put that shiny clothes into the closet.

I’ve listed my favorite shiny items by American Apparel, let’s have a look 🙂 :

The Disco Pant

The Disco Pant is a must-have, definitely. They are super comfortable and an eye-catcher. Aaand they come in many great colors (I wish I had the whole range).


Shiny Ruched Front Tube Bra

is very practical when it’s hot in summer, wear it just like that or under your favorite top.


 The Shiny High-Waist Legging

come in so many great colors, that’s just wow!


Metallic Malibu Swimsuit

Let’s sparkle in the summer sun like a rainbow!


The Siren Dress

has an easy but jaw-dropping design, sadly there are not many left in stock…


Check out more shiny items on

New Year’s Outfit 2015 (ASOS, American Apparel)


Dear Readers,

it’s already the 4th of January 2015 but I’m wishing you a great New Year anyway!

This post features my New Year’s Outfit, which is a little crazy but why not, right? Actually, I really like it 🙂 I’m wearing a Wildfox item for the first time, their ‘It was only a Dream’ Hooded Jacket is so soft, it’s really a dream. At the moment I would love to buy some more Wildfox, it reminds me of Los Angeles (it is a LA based brand after all) and holidays by the sea.

Oh and the Fuzzy Cropped Tee by American Apparel is also very soft and comfortable, a great piece. The only downside is: it’s a crop top and not so suited for european winters. You can wear a longer top underneath of course 😉

I’ve celebrated New Year’s with some friends, it was really nice I haven’t seen some of them for many years… Man, time flies. Christmas and New Year’s Eve always make me melancholy…


I want to thank you all for your support, feedback and comments and hope you’ll enjoy my blog even more this year! I will try to improve it and make it a more interesting place for you readers. As a reminder, critique, feedback and suggestions on how to improve this site are always welcome and appreciated.

Thanks also to all my followers on Instagram, Bloglovin’, Twitter and Facebook! You rule, thanks so much for the interest and support! ❤

Let’s have a great 2015!

xx Isa

silvester_02silvester_01 silvester_03 silvester_04 silvester_05 silvester_07


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Christmas 2014 Outfit (J.Crew, Blutsgeschwister)


Hello my dear readers,

I wish you a (nearly too late) Merry Christmas! I’ve been very busy visiting family, giving gifts, eating chocolate and feeling bad about it the last two days.  But today I want to show you what my Christmas Outfit looked like this year.

It was really hard to make the photos, so many different lights, the mirroring of the glass door, some of my family members running through the pictures and me making photos of myself and feeling pretty stupid at the same time. My family is a little old fashioned, they see no sense in making photos of outfits and blogging about fashion. Actually, most of them think the internet is bad and nothing should be shared with strangers via the internet. I can completely understand that one has to be careful what to post but there are some benefits as well. You can meet many people from all around the world, share and write about what you love and find people who feel the same.

It’s a great way to be creative and learn things you haven’t known about, I really like blogging about fashion that’s just what I wanted to say 🙂

Let’s get back to the photos, I haven’t had much time and nearly no experience with indoor photography. Please don’t hate me people, I’m really trying my best here.

I actually like loud and funny outfits but on Christmas I’ve to dress more conservative for my family, which is not bad but I like to joke about it. So, I told my aunt I was trying to dress prude, of course she acted a little offended. 🙂

I like the Steady Friend Cardy by Blutsgeschwister the most, it is from their last Christmas Collection. You won’t believe how hard I have to search for pumps… I have super slim feet, not even italian designer shoes fit, so I bought some cheap but lovely pumps by Pimkie. It kinda worked, I was nearly blown away by the wind and needed hours for a walk but I made it alive 😀

I hope you like the pictures and the outfit, it’s a little cheesy with all the lights and everything but hey, it’s Christmas!

Have a great day everyone!

xx Isa

Xmas_02 Xmas_03 Xmas_04 Xmas_05 Xmas_06 Xmas_07

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Casual Denim Outfit (that crop top problem)


Thank you for stopping by!

This is an outfit I wore last week. Yes, it’s a crop top. It’s so typical of me to start wearing crop tops in autumn… But it was rather warm that day.

I think it’s weird that there are more belly tops in winter than in summer. Have you noticed that, too? The Lightweight Crop Sweater by American Apparel is actually from last winter but I’ve never worn it because it was too cold. I love crop tops but their is only a short time in the year you can actually wear them, especially if it’s a long sleeved. And Sometimes I’ve not enough self-esteem to wear a belly top, I’m lucky I’m thin, yes, but their are days when I feel naked even if it’s only my belly that is naked. Do you know that feeling?

I’m also very proud of my Denim Jacket by ASOS. It’s soft and warm and you can wear it with nearly anything. It’s a great deal when traveling because you can combine it with so many clothes.

The bag in the photos is the ‘Vote’ Satchel by Aldo. I’ve never been to an Aldo store, as far as I know we don’t have an Aldo in Germany, which is sad because they have wonderful shoes and bags and in a great price range, too. Luckily, I’ve been to London some weeks ago and bought that great bag. I was looking for a bag that looked like Taylor Swift‘s bag. It’s not the same bag but I love the little key detail and the color is stunning. 🙂

Please tell me your opinion on my outfit or what to improve, or simply hi.

Feedback is always welcome 🙂

xx Isa

Isa_jeans_rock_03 Isa_jeans_rock_04 Isa_jeans_rock_02

Clothes I’m wearing:



Cozy Kitten Outfit


Hello everyone!

It’s really getting cold outside now and it’s getting dark way to early, too. I think I have a winter depression… I’m still searching for a place in our house where I can take pictures of my outfits but I haven’t been successful so far. There is not much free space but the real problem is that the rooms are rather dark and I don’t want to use artificial lights…

However, there are also some things that are great about that time of year. I love putting up some lights and candles when it get’s dark and what’s great too, are the cozy and warm clothes.

I’m a big fan of sweaters, I have way too many and still can’t stop buying more… The one I’m wearing is also one of my favorites, I like it’s crazy design and rainbow color. I think I bought it in summer at H&M and it wasn’t an expensive, cat patterns are really in this year.

The snood by Superdry is very comfortable, too. You can totally hide behind it if you don’t want to be seen 🙂

I was wearing a pair of “Disco Pants” by American Apparel, they fit very well and come in so many different colors. Yes, they are expensive but I definitely consider buying another one some day.

In case you like Swarovski jewelry, I spotted their Stardust Bracelet collection some weeks ago and it’s really worth being checked out. You can choose between a normal bracelet and a double one (you can wear the double one as necklace, too). The single bracelet comes in 8 different colors and double bracelet in 14 different colors! I think those bracelets would be a great gift for under the Christmas tree. If you are interested you can get more details on

I really hope you like my outfit, please feel free to write a comment any time. I haven’t had much time to upload often, that’s why I haven’t got much traffic on my blog. I hope you see anyways that I love my blog and put much effort into it. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Maybe I can draw your attention to my instagram acount. I’m uploading more pictures there, maybe you have some free time and stop by 🙂

Thanks so much!

xx Isa



isa_meow_2isa_meow_5 isa_meow_4


Clothes I’m wearing:

  • Sweater with cats pattern by H&M (no longer available)
  • The Disco Pants by American Apparel in “Midnight Navy”
  • Red leather Boots by Buffalo London (no longer available)



  • Sublime de Chanel waterproof mascara by Chanel
  • Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss by Chanel in “Merveille”
  • Nail Polish by Cult Nails in (no longer available)


American Apparel’s costume ideas for Halloween


American Apparel just released their Halloween lookbook and shows how easy it can be to create a Halloween costume.

You always wanted to be Wonder Woman, Morticia Addams or Sailor Moon, well, you can! With just some basic pieces.



I love the Lydia and Beetlejuice costumes but the next one is my favorite:


I’m certainly going as a french fry this year!

Check out the whole Lookbook and what you need for the costumes.

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