Under the Pink Horizon Outfit (Free People, Sister Jane)


Dear readers,

I’m very sorry for not posting anything the last months. I have a full-time job now (I really mean full-time!), I’m on the move 12 hours a day… There is just no time for anything but sleeping and eating in my life. So most of the time I’m just too tired for posting, I’m sure that sounds familiar to some of you.

However, I’ll try to start posting again because I hate spending my days doing nothing creative…

Because of all that dull, normal stuff I have to deal with everyday I just had to create a crazy and colorful outfit.

I bought the wig I’m wearing in the photos some months ago and had no time using it for ages… It’s my first wig, thank god, it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought.

With that pink Moschino earrings and the wig I felt just like a hippie fairy xD No way leaving my black binky choker and face jewels out.

Talking about favorite items, I used the new mascara top coat by Chanel. I’ve bought it because I love the blue sparkling effect and it really is gorgeous! I made the experience that those colored top coats and mascaras don’t work, you don’t see much color on my lashes. The top coat by Chanel is an exception, it really looks blue and sparkly. I’m so glad because it was very expensive 😉

I hope you like the outfit, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I cannot believe that there is still traffic on this page assuming there weren’t any news the last months. Thanks so much for still checking on my blog. You are great!

Have a wonderful monday ❤






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Be Yourself Outfit (Iron Fist x So So Happy)

be_yourself_02Hello again!

I’m so sad because I have so less time for the blog at the moment… Thanks so much for your patience 🙂

Here is a new fun outfit! I need to wear crazy stuff at weekends it’s  a real recovery from stressful work. Do you know what I mean?

I’m very much in love with the collection from Iron Fist x So So Happy, I mean a pink sweater with taco print on the back, how great is that?! Also, the  Love Face Jewels by Wicked Hippie are so much fun, I really have to buy another pack.

You know what, always wear the clothes you are comfortable with no matter what other people think or say! If you have a bad day, wear your favorite shirt or necklace or whatever. It can be a huge comfort when you are down 🙂

What do you think of my new background? Crazy isn’t it, just trying something new.

Thank so much for stopping by! I wish you a wonderful day,

xx Isa

be_yourself_06 be_yourself_05 be_yourself_04 be_yourself_01

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Sweet Easter Outfit (Monki, Minkpink)


Dear readers,

I’m so sorry for posting my easter outfit some days too late… But I hope you had a nice weekend and/or public holiday 🙂

I wanted to create a cheerful, spring/summer inspired outfit. Monki’s Tina Top is simply perfect because of it’s gay color and fluffiness. I wore it over the I Am The Resurrection Playsuit by Minkpink, which is an absolute must-have for summer! Don’t you just love those polka dots?!

Since it’s still a little cold were I live I wore the playsuit with some plain black tights. The Lilly Slip Ons by Monki are great because you can wear them with nearly everything, plus their print is really cool. All in all, a perfect outfit for a spring day 🙂

What’s your favorite spring/easter outfit? Do you like the combination of my outfit?

Thank for your interest and have a nice and sunny day! 🙂

xx Isa

ostern_03 ostern_04 ostern_05 ostern_06 ostern_07

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Barbie vs Beetlejuice Outfit


Hello everyone,

it’s time for a new outfit. This is a more crazy outfit, I actually planed to photograph the outfit around carnival in february. You see how slow I am… It’s just for fun and concentrates on black and white striped items, combined with pink ones.

When it comes to black and white striped clothes I always think of Beetlejuice! I think I already mentioned that I’m a huge fan of the 1980’s horror comedy and this outfit is inspired by it. The title comprised Barbie because of the pink elements and the cool Malibu Barbie Sunglasses by Wildfox , those are gorgeous 😉

It was also fun doing a more intense eye make up for this outfit. Most of the time I use way to few eyeshadow but I often don’t realize it until I look through the photos… This time I’m really satisfied with the result.

Generally speaking it was a lot of fun doing this outfit mostly because I could try many new things (like new poses, darker eyeshadow and so on). By the way, I recommend the Trini Knitted Top by Monki to you, it is so comfortable.

I hope you like this outfit and feel free to comment or ask questions. Thanks to all the people who have commented so far or following my blog! Have a great monday! ❤

xx Isa

beetlejuice_03 beetlejuice_01 beetlejuice_02

beetlejuice_05 beetlejuice_06 beetlejuice_07

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New Year’s Outfit 2015 (ASOS, American Apparel)


Dear Readers,

it’s already the 4th of January 2015 but I’m wishing you a great New Year anyway!

This post features my New Year’s Outfit, which is a little crazy but why not, right? Actually, I really like it 🙂 I’m wearing a Wildfox item for the first time, their ‘It was only a Dream’ Hooded Jacket is so soft, it’s really a dream. At the moment I would love to buy some more Wildfox, it reminds me of Los Angeles (it is a LA based brand after all) and holidays by the sea.

Oh and the Fuzzy Cropped Tee by American Apparel is also very soft and comfortable, a great piece. The only downside is: it’s a crop top and not so suited for european winters. You can wear a longer top underneath of course 😉

I’ve celebrated New Year’s with some friends, it was really nice I haven’t seen some of them for many years… Man, time flies. Christmas and New Year’s Eve always make me melancholy…


I want to thank you all for your support, feedback and comments and hope you’ll enjoy my blog even more this year! I will try to improve it and make it a more interesting place for you readers. As a reminder, critique, feedback and suggestions on how to improve this site are always welcome and appreciated.

Thanks also to all my followers on Instagram, Bloglovin’, Twitter and Facebook! You rule, thanks so much for the interest and support! ❤

Let’s have a great 2015!

xx Isa

silvester_02silvester_01 silvester_03 silvester_04 silvester_05 silvester_07


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Birthday Party Outfit (Sister Jane, Claire’s)


Hello everybody,

I had my birthday party ten days ago, it was the first birthday party I hosted after 8 years. The theme of the party were the years 1920 to 1940 because many of my friends love dressing vintage.

In matters of fashion, I decided to buy a dress by Sister Jane, a british label with beautiful and stylish dresses. Their store is located on Portobello Road in London. I’ve been to London last month but sadly we didn’t make it to Portobello Road. So I purchased the ‘Velvet Diamond Dress’ online and it was really fast delivered.

The dress is absolutely stunning, there is a very detailed burnout pattern, that looks art nouveau like to me and three crystal buttons at the front of the dress. I’m pretty sure it is not the last item I bought at Sister Jane. 🙂

The photos were taken rather fast before the guests arrived, so they are not perfect. Still, I think they are cute and I also like the outfit of that day. I also added some accessories that looked like they were inspired by the 1920s, like the long pearl necklace or the barrette with black feathers both by Claire’s.

The evening was really nice but time passed so quickly, we had only little time to shot more photos. In future I have to plan extra photo time. 🙂

Here are some more photos of that day:

Geburtstag_1 Geburtstag_02 Geburtstag_04Geburtstag_05

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please, take some time to comment, critique is always welcome.

And I really want to thank the 30 people that follow me on Bloglovin’, thanks so much! You might think 30 is not much but it’s so hard to get a blog going in the beginning, everyone who is following my blog is encouraging me to go on 🙂

xx Isa

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Going ‘Miley’!


I wasn’t feeling well last week, nothing serious but I was in a bad mood and felt ill. So I decided to make a fun photo-shooting and build an outfit around my ‘Miley Sweater‘ by Ratchet Clothing. I love this sweater, it’s colorful, crazy and the drawings of Miley are really cool!

I used this Faux Hair Fishtail Braid by Claire’s that I bought in Berlin. Miley is always running around with stuff like that in her hair, so it fits the outfit.

It was really fun doing all those stupid, overacted poses and expressions, sometimes you just have to be childish 🙂

I hope the weather stays that good, so I can do some more shootings outside.

Sorry, I’ve been to London the last days and though it was really great, I’m terribly tired, so I won’t write much.

Have a great weekend,

xx Isa


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  • Sublime de Chanel waterproof mascara by Chanel
  • Rouge Dior lipstick in ‘Rouge Blossom’
  • ‘Marge’s Extra Ingredients’ eyeshadow quad by MAC Cosmetics (from The Simpsons Collection)
  • 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil by Urban Decay in ‘Woodstock’


Costume Ideas: Lydia from Beetlejuice

tumblr_l1uj8pW8Fl1qzcwlxo1_500_large Kopie Kopie

So, next week is Halloween and you still don’t have a costume? Maybe I can help!

One of my favorite movies is ‘Beetlejuice’, which was directed by Tim Burton in 1988. For me this movie is a piece of art, I know many people that hate it but you will find that kind of trashy, lovable uniqueness very rarely these days.

However, a young Winona Ryder plays the role of the depressed teenager Lydia, who is able to see ghosts. I simply love Lydia’s style, I can remember how much she influenced me when I was young.


Lydia’s wears black and gothic inspired clothes, lace is a must! There are so many black dresses with lace at the moment, here are only two examples by Free People:

The ‘Say You Love Me’ Maxi is a beautiful black dress with a playful lace pattern on the front, while the ‘Romance’ Maxi has a all over lace with a flower pattern and is see-through. You can combine it with a petticoat or black (or even burgundy) leggings.

Try some black boots with heels, like the ‘Anti Lace-Up Work Boots’ by Topshop.

A cape is a good idea for Lydia, you can also use a big black scarf if you don’t want to purchase a cape. At the moment the Black Halloween Cape with spider-webs by Claire’s is a great item for the costume.

If you rather want to use a top and skirt than a dress, go for victorian inspired tops with a a choker, like the High Neck Pleated Pussybow Blouse by Topshop.

There are many ways to combine this outfit and you can also wear the items in everyday life.

Just a little hint for the make-up: Try the ‘Kontrol’ lipstick by Illamasqua or the ‘Lydia’ lip tar by OCC! I think the lip tar by OCC is named after the Lydia from ‘Beetlejuice’ but I’m rather bad with horror movies, so there might be another Lydia that I don’t know… The Collection was inspired by heroines of horror movies ( the other lip tars are named ‘Starling’, ‘Black Dahlia’, ‘Marion’, ‘Sybil’ and ‘Psycho’). Both are great colors and have a great pigmentation!

Do you like the idea?

Furry Little Monsters – Items inspired by Pixar’s Sulley


This fall you can run around like a fuzzy monster and have fun, just like Sulley from Pixar‘s ‘Monster, Inc.’. There is no limit to your imagination, who needs mink when there is monster fur:

Wear a monster as jacket with the ‘Fur Face’ Jacket by Lazy Oaf, not only has this jacket funny eyes on it’s back, it’s also rainbow colored and super fuzzy! Extra points for the craziness.

The ‘Lisa’ Jacket by Gina Tricot reminds me of soft, pink cotton candy. The jacket is available in many other colors, also in a nice blue ton that screams ‘Cookie Monster‘. But the pink one looks too delicious.

Even accessories wear  furry coats these days, like the ‘Furry Up’ iPhone 5 Case by Skinnydip London. It makes sense, when you like it warm in winter, why should your mobile phone get cold.

Or how about a little furry companion, the ‘Monster Kiss’ lock purse by Claire’s would be perfect (cute).

It’s cold in the mongolian steppe and even if you don’t live there, you might be glad to have the ‘Mongolian Collar’ by ASOS with you on a cold winter’s day. So fuzzy and wild, Genghis Khan would be jealous.

The playsuit with furry velvet texture by ASOS is soft and perfect for sitting all day. You have a hard working day, at least with this item it’s going to be comfortable and trendy 🙂

Don’t worry, all of the items listed above are made of faux fur or other synthetic materials, we are against animal cruelty! And of course, no monsters were harmed, too 🙂

Tell us about your favorite furry item!

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