In Love With: Onesies and Kigurumis


Stars like Miley Cyrus (left), Katy Perry (middle) and Rihanna (right) make the Onesie presentable. The comfortable all-over pajama has gained much popularity through the last months. Especially over the Christmas holidays the onesie was an often seen garment on selfies all around the world.

Onesies exist in many forms and with a variety of colors and prints, throughout all labels and price ranges. A very special form of an onesie is the japanese version, the so-called Kigurumi. It was originally an all-over costume of popular cartoon and anime characters (like e.g. Hello Kitty, Donald Duck or Pikachu) or animals. The kigurumi is already a regular feature of japanese everyday life, while it’s nearly only seen on conventions in the western world (or on famous people, like seen above).

Since I have spotted many funny/crazy onesies and kigurumis in the last months, I’ve decided to make a Top 10:

10. One Direction All Over Print by OnePiece

This onesie features the hand prints of all the One Direction band members. While I’m not so familiar with the band I like the idea and think it’s quite a cool item!


09. Hooded Fleece Onesie by DKNY

This version by DKNY is already a little more flashy but certainly cozy as haven.


08. Kaitlyn Pink Teddy Bear Onesie by boohoo

This is a nice alternative for people who don’t want to wear a kigurumi but love coziness and the little ears attached to the onesie. You have to love teddy bears, too of course.


07. Star Trek Onesie by Shop Jeen

This is for all Trekkies out there who cannot wait for the next convention. With this onesie you can dress up as your favorite Star Trek character at home and feel comfy all along.


06. Fleece Pink Pig Onesie Kigurumi by Cosy Pajamas

This onesie is a perfect example for a kigurumi! It is pink, it is comfy and it is a pig, come one you have to love it.


04. Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Onesie Pajama with Hood

I love the Soft Kitty of The Big Bang Theory, so this onesie has to be in the top 10.


03. Hunter Kigurumi by Lisa Frank & SAZAC 

It is rainbow-colored, do I have to say more?


03. Ozzy Romper by SO SO Happy x Iron Fist

This romper is an eyecatcher by itself but look how Miley Cyrus wears it…


o2. Zodiac Sign Gemini Kigurumi by Cosy Pajamas

This kigurumi is the most colorful, imaginary something I could find. I don’t know if you get more attention running naked through the streets or wearing this.


01. Pizza Belovesie by Beloved

Who wouldn’t want to look like a giant pizza?! The Pizza Belovesie is probably the most loved onesie on the internet. So many celebrities took selfies wearing it: Katy Perry (see above), Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus.


I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 of crazy onesies and kigurumis. What is your favorite onesie/kigurumi? How would your top 10 look like? I hope to hear from you in the comments 😉

Thanks so much and have a great day,

xx Isa



Barbie vs Beetlejuice Outfit


Hello everyone,

it’s time for a new outfit. This is a more crazy outfit, I actually planed to photograph the outfit around carnival in february. You see how slow I am… It’s just for fun and concentrates on black and white striped items, combined with pink ones.

When it comes to black and white striped clothes I always think of Beetlejuice! I think I already mentioned that I’m a huge fan of the 1980’s horror comedy and this outfit is inspired by it. The title comprised Barbie because of the pink elements and the cool Malibu Barbie Sunglasses by Wildfox , those are gorgeous 😉

It was also fun doing a more intense eye make up for this outfit. Most of the time I use way to few eyeshadow but I often don’t realize it until I look through the photos… This time I’m really satisfied with the result.

Generally speaking it was a lot of fun doing this outfit mostly because I could try many new things (like new poses, darker eyeshadow and so on). By the way, I recommend the Trini Knitted Top by Monki to you, it is so comfortable.

I hope you like this outfit and feel free to comment or ask questions. Thanks to all the people who have commented so far or following my blog! Have a great monday! ❤

xx Isa

beetlejuice_03 beetlejuice_01 beetlejuice_02

beetlejuice_05 beetlejuice_06 beetlejuice_07

Clothes I’m wearing:



Valentine’s Day Outfit (Marc by Marc Jacobs, American Apparel)


Dear readers,

today’s post is all about the outfit I wore on Valentine’s Day. It’s all pink, red and sweet only the unicorn is missing. But I have an Anna (Disney’s Frozen) Plush instead!

The hearts and lips sweater by Marc by Marc Jacobs is perfect for the occasion, it is one of my favorite items. Maybe you already know (if not you do now) how much I love the brand Marc Jacobs, so that fits, too 🙂

I combined the sweater with the Disco Pants by American Apparel which I praised so many times before and a sparkling, mint colored top by Missguided. I must admit that the top by Missguided is rather uncomfortable, it is very scratchy… which is sad because it looks really nice…

After all, I’m pleased with this outfit, I hope you like it, too.

Besides, the pink drink by True Fruits was my reward, hmmmm yummy.

I think a Valentine’s post is the right moment to thank my followers again. Thanks so much for more than 100 Followers on Bloglovin’! I’m really happy about every single one of you! 😀 And thanks to my over 70 followers on Instagram! Maybe you don’t even realize it but every like, comment and follow means much to me. It means that there are people somewhere in the world, that like and support me and the things I do. I’m not a celebrity with thousands of comments and likes, I notice when people like and comment my works and I’m thankful 🙂 Just had to say that.

Thanks for reading my new blog entry!

xx Isa

valntinstag_02 valntinstag_04 valntinstag_05 valntinstag_06 valntinstag_07


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Casual Christmas 2014 Outfit (Disney + Hot Topics, Tally Weijl)


Hello everyone!

So this was the outfit I wore on Christmas Day, very comfy as you can see. I really love that Ariel & Eric Pullover, I got it as a birthday gift from a friend.

The Little Mermaid is still one of my favorite Disney movie, I’m still astonished by the beautiful design and animation of Ariel. Makes me miss traditional 2D Animation again….

So sorry for the bad quality, it is just too dark in our house… Spring were are you!?

I hope you like my outfit ❤

Have a great day!

xx Isa


Xmas2_03 Xmas2_04 Xmas2_05

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Flowers of Autumn Outfit (Adidas Neo, Gipsy)


Hello everyone,

this is an outfit I shot when it was a little warmer outside (last week was terribly cold…). I wear some pieces from an Adidas Neo x Selena Gomez Collection that was released early this year. Only the bag is from the summer collection 2014.

The black button up dress is my favorite and together with the Flower Pattern Stockings it brings out the first small joys of spring 🙂

The shoes are cute but not so comfortable, I must admit. I don’t have the shoe box anymore so I had to search through the internet for their name but without results, if you know it, please tell us.

Last year I had to say goodbye to my favorite leather jacket, I had it for many years and I haven’t found anything like it yet. My mum got me this gorgeous moto-style leather jacket by Gipsy for my birthday. Gipsy is always a good address when it comes to leather jackets and it is with no doubt a stunning jacket. I really love the design of the jacket, it has a metallic finish that shines in a gold/bronze tone. It’s that kind of jacket you can wear with nearly anything so it’s also a go-to jacket when on vacation.

Here are some more pictures of my outfit:

adidas_neo_02 adidas_neo_03 adidas_neo_04 adidas_neo_05

I cannot say how happy I am about my 54 followers on Bloglovin’ (Yes, more than 50 already!) You guys are so great, thank you so much! 😀

Have an amazing friday everyone and thanks for your interest in my blog,

xx Isa


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Gravity Falls Outfit and an uninvited guest


I don’t know how many of you watch animated series but if you do and you don’t know Gravity Falls, you have to change that!

Today another episode of season 2 airs in the United States, that’s why I’m uploading a photo of me wearing a Gravity Falls inspired shirt and Dipper’s baseball cap.

While I was taking photos I had an uninvited guest, Bill Cipher, a character of the show. Let me tell you, he is no one to be trusted, so you better not cross his way.

Here is a photo of the whole outfit:


I’m wearing:

I really authentic version of Dipper’s cap, available on

The ‘Pterodactyl Bros.’ shirt that also appeared in the show. You can buy the shirt at!

Vintage Renewal denim shorts by Levi’s (sold out, you can get similar ones at Urban Outfitters)

And my Nike Air Max 1 GS

Dipper’s cap

“Pterodactyl Bros.” shirt in the show

Bill Cipher was drawn by dasArchie. I only customized the eyes and added the glow 🙂

Mabel’s Guide to Fashion

No one rocks sweaters like Mabel from Disney’s Gravity Falls. And no one is as crazy as her when it comes to fashion!

So, check out Mabel’s Guide to Fashion:

Enjoy your wednesday!

Furry Little Monsters – Items inspired by Pixar’s Sulley


This fall you can run around like a fuzzy monster and have fun, just like Sulley from Pixar‘s ‘Monster, Inc.’. There is no limit to your imagination, who needs mink when there is monster fur:

Wear a monster as jacket with the ‘Fur Face’ Jacket by Lazy Oaf, not only has this jacket funny eyes on it’s back, it’s also rainbow colored and super fuzzy! Extra points for the craziness.

The ‘Lisa’ Jacket by Gina Tricot reminds me of soft, pink cotton candy. The jacket is available in many other colors, also in a nice blue ton that screams ‘Cookie Monster‘. But the pink one looks too delicious.

Even accessories wear  furry coats these days, like the ‘Furry Up’ iPhone 5 Case by Skinnydip London. It makes sense, when you like it warm in winter, why should your mobile phone get cold.

Or how about a little furry companion, the ‘Monster Kiss’ lock purse by Claire’s would be perfect (cute).

It’s cold in the mongolian steppe and even if you don’t live there, you might be glad to have the ‘Mongolian Collar’ by ASOS with you on a cold winter’s day. So fuzzy and wild, Genghis Khan would be jealous.

The playsuit with furry velvet texture by ASOS is soft and perfect for sitting all day. You have a hard working day, at least with this item it’s going to be comfortable and trendy 🙂

Don’t worry, all of the items listed above are made of faux fur or other synthetic materials, we are against animal cruelty! And of course, no monsters were harmed, too 🙂

Tell us about your favorite furry item!

As sweet as Vanellope von Schweetz


Dear readers, did you have a nice friday?

Did anyone see ‘Wreck it Ralph’?

Vanellope von Schweetz is a character from Disney’s ‘Wreck it Ralph’, she lives in a game world where everything is made of candy. So I searched for fashion as sweet as candy 🙂

Wow, the whole internet is full of candy inspired fashion, so her are some items I liked the most.

With the ‘Eyescream Maxi Dress’ by coveted society, you look like a giant, living ice cone. Who wouldn’t want that? The bright colors makes it a perfect dress for summer or if you think it’s too daring for everyday life, why not wearing it for Halloween.

At Claire’s you can get many sweet accessories like ice cone earrings or a bracelets with sweets. Those accessories will sweeten up your style.

The ‘So cute! Juku’ Hoodie by Wildfox is great for relaxing or for your casual wear. Too sad, that there is no blue version of the hoody, it would have been a great item if you want to cosplay Vanellope. But I’m sure, Vanellope would love this pink hoodie, too! By the way, Wildfox has many cute tops, sadly it is rather expensive.

Love Moschino features some sweet, black rubber boots in their fall collection. They remind me of Vanellope’s boots, but their are also great for a rainy autumn. For rain boots those are expensive, but for a Love Moschino product the price is okay, so you might consider how often you will need them.

Nishe is a label from Hongkong that features cute fashion like their ‘Sweet’ Dress‘. The dress has a lovely shape and dark blue color with sweets all over it. If you love cute, girlish fashion you should keep an eye on Nishe 😉

Last but not least, a Velvet Twisted Scarf in ‘Carbernet’ by American Apparel. It reminded me of Vanellope’s hair tie, sadly this item is made of velvet not sugar but therefore it’s very comfortable to wear, and you can form it, whatever way you want. This item is available in many different colors.

This is my sixth entry now, I know this is not much but do you like my blog? I haven’t had any comments yet, so if you have some time, please tell me what you like or not like. I really would love to hear your opinion and it’s doesn’t have to be a long letter. Of course you can also comment on my latest entry, tell me if you liked the items I’ve chosen.

Have a great friday everybody! ❤

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