Christmas Eve 2015 Outfit



this post is about my outfit from christmas eve. Christmas is already about two weeks ago but I still wanted to share some photos with you.


What I’m wearing:



On my eyes:

On my lips: Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel in ’99 Mélancolie’


In Love with: Monki

charming – simple – super cool

“And somewhere inside that dream, something was born. Suddenly, in that place west of nowhere special and beyond the horizon tiny monkis appeared, floating like bubbles into a clear sky. A new kind of creatures, made up, not of atoms, but of imagination.” (

Monki Style

Monki is a swedish fashion brand with a lot of fantasy. Their clothing range features simple designs up to complex or structural patterns.They also have illustrated patterns with a very scandinavian touch. What I love most is their huge selection of basics and their oversized tops which seem to be a homage to the 1990s.

To be honest, for me it’s the more affordable version of Marc by Marc Jacobs. Their style is well thought out and bold, it also shows that you don’t have to spend hundred of dollars to have cool clothes.

The Monkis

Monki is probably the first brand that created a whole world around it’s label. The world is of course called The Monki World and their little habitants are the Monkis. Everyone of them has their own design and character, here is a great description of the most important Monkis! Isn’t that a lovely idea? They really get me with that. There are some merchandize that features those little creatures, some even have plush toys. 🙂

Here are some more pictures of Monki’s collection:

Those Monkis are cool, which one is your favorite? I think mine is Mocki, he is made of 50% Rebellium, 25% Wilditude, 15% Socialium and 10% Fantasium and he looks like steaming, pink marshmallow. 😀

I hope you liked my post 🙂 If you don’t know the label check it out on:

xx Isa

Valentine’s Day Outfit (Marc by Marc Jacobs, American Apparel)


Dear readers,

today’s post is all about the outfit I wore on Valentine’s Day. It’s all pink, red and sweet only the unicorn is missing. But I have an Anna (Disney’s Frozen) Plush instead!

The hearts and lips sweater by Marc by Marc Jacobs is perfect for the occasion, it is one of my favorite items. Maybe you already know (if not you do now) how much I love the brand Marc Jacobs, so that fits, too 🙂

I combined the sweater with the Disco Pants by American Apparel which I praised so many times before and a sparkling, mint colored top by Missguided. I must admit that the top by Missguided is rather uncomfortable, it is very scratchy… which is sad because it looks really nice…

After all, I’m pleased with this outfit, I hope you like it, too.

Besides, the pink drink by True Fruits was my reward, hmmmm yummy.

I think a Valentine’s post is the right moment to thank my followers again. Thanks so much for more than 100 Followers on Bloglovin’! I’m really happy about every single one of you! 😀 And thanks to my over 70 followers on Instagram! Maybe you don’t even realize it but every like, comment and follow means much to me. It means that there are people somewhere in the world, that like and support me and the things I do. I’m not a celebrity with thousands of comments and likes, I notice when people like and comment my works and I’m thankful 🙂 Just had to say that.

Thanks for reading my new blog entry!

xx Isa

valntinstag_02 valntinstag_04 valntinstag_05 valntinstag_06 valntinstag_07


Clothes I’m wearing:




Grumpy and Cosy Outfit (Dimepiece LA, H&M x Alexander Wang)


Hello again!

I tried something new 🙂 This time I wanted to tell a little story or at least use some more props and not only combine an outfit like I usually do.

I bought a lamp that is used in a photographic studio. In a studio they have more than one lamp, of course but I don’t have the space and I only want to try it out.

After some attempts it worked out well, please, keep in mind that this is a beginner’s work. I’m satisfied with the photos, I can see that I’m making progress of course, it’s not perfect. No one is born a master, right?!

Anyhow, this was a fun photo shoot, I tried to pose a little grumpy but most of the time I only look sad 😀 The clothes I’m wearing are sporty and comfy, most of all the Hoody by Dimepiece LA. I’m happy I had the chance to get my hands on a piece by that label, I’ve followed Dimepiece LA for quite some time.

I hope you like my photos, please feel free to ask any questions 🙂 And critique is always welcome 🙂

Have a wonderful day,

xx Isa

Wang_Isa_02 Wang_Isa_01 Wang_Isa_03 Wang_Isa_04

Clothes I’m wearing:



An evening with Marc Outfit (Marc by Marc Jacobs)


Dear readers,

who would say no to an evening with Marc Jacobs?! I wouldn’t 🙂 But an evening with a Marc by Marc Jacobs Top is also nice. The Rally Moto Printed Jersey Top is from last Falls Collection, which I really like. Especially because of the cool patterns and the strong colors.

I’m also wearing the ‘Electro Q Percy’ Bag and the ‘Sweet Pretzel’ Necklace both by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Together with a plain skirt or trousers and plain pumps, it’s a perfect outfit for having a night out with friends. I combined the jersey top with a plain black Skater Skirt by ASOS and my Faux Leather Pumps by Pimkie.


With what would you have combined the top? What is your favorite evening outfit?

Maybe you want to share your opinion in the comments 🙂 Thanks so much to the sweet people who are commenting and following me!

Have a great thursday, the weekend is near!

xx Isa

m_jacobs_01m_jacobs_03 m_jacobs_04


Clothes I’m wearing:



  • Sublime de Chanel Waterproof Mascara by Chanel
  • Écriture de Chanel Eyeliner Pen by Chanel in ‘Noir’
  • Lip Gloss Villains by LCN in ‘taste the apple’
  • Nail Polish Villains by LCN in ‘the fairest of them all’


Alexander Wang x H and M Outfit Part 1 (Alexander Wang x H and M, Rag and Bone)


Hey there,

finally I can post the first part of my H&M x Alexander Wang Outfit, it features the Scuba Shirt from their collaboration. I wanted to upload that post before Christmas but then Christmas was faster than me xD I made the photos at the end of November and it was really cold that day.

Maybe you remember the Collection from last fall, if not here is the whole Lookbook!

I haven’t had any clothes by Wang before but after seeing the first pictures I decided to get some of the pieces. Actually, I had a hard time making up my mind what to buy… The whole collection is very sportive and some items might be hard to integrate in normal day fashion, what also intrigues me in a way…

At the end, I bought the Scuba Shirt (which I’m wearing in the pictures), the Jacquard-Knit Top and the Reflective Leggings. You can wear the Scuba Shirt in everyday life, the used material is soft and keeps nicely warm. The waistline is made like corset, I can imagine that some people might find it uncomfortable but you get used to it rather fast. It is not that tight, so there won’t be any suffocation 🙂

The only thing I don’t like that much is that the upper arms look so huge, I feel like She-Hulk 🙂 After all, it is a interesting design and material and if you love sporty clothes and an eye-catching design, it’s a must-have.

I’m also wearing my favorite “jeans” (it’s actually made of a soft fabric with a jeans pattern) by rag and bone. When I saw them on a homepage I fell in love with those but since I’m from Germany and I couldn’t find the trousers in any european online shop, I was pretty sure I would have to pass on them… I was very lucky when a friend of mine visited New York last year and brought the jeans along for me. That was so kind of her because she had little time in NY and still got that jeans for me. Thanks Diane! You’re the best!<3

I also want to thank my dear followers on bloglovin’, over 80 followers! Yay, I can’t wait for No. 100 🙂

And thank so much to my followers on Instagram, too. I’ve got over 60 now! Some people think that isn’t much, maybe, but I’m really glad for everyone of my readers.

I hope you liked my post, have a nice day,

xx Isa

Isa_wang_02 Isa_wang_05 Isa_wang_04

Clothes I’m wearing:



Flowers of Autumn Outfit (Adidas Neo, Gipsy)


Hello everyone,

this is an outfit I shot when it was a little warmer outside (last week was terribly cold…). I wear some pieces from an Adidas Neo x Selena Gomez Collection that was released early this year. Only the bag is from the summer collection 2014.

The black button up dress is my favorite and together with the Flower Pattern Stockings it brings out the first small joys of spring 🙂

The shoes are cute but not so comfortable, I must admit. I don’t have the shoe box anymore so I had to search through the internet for their name but without results, if you know it, please tell us.

Last year I had to say goodbye to my favorite leather jacket, I had it for many years and I haven’t found anything like it yet. My mum got me this gorgeous moto-style leather jacket by Gipsy for my birthday. Gipsy is always a good address when it comes to leather jackets and it is with no doubt a stunning jacket. I really love the design of the jacket, it has a metallic finish that shines in a gold/bronze tone. It’s that kind of jacket you can wear with nearly anything so it’s also a go-to jacket when on vacation.

Here are some more pictures of my outfit:

adidas_neo_02 adidas_neo_03 adidas_neo_04 adidas_neo_05

I cannot say how happy I am about my 54 followers on Bloglovin’ (Yes, more than 50 already!) You guys are so great, thank you so much! 😀

Have an amazing friday everyone and thanks for your interest in my blog,

xx Isa


Clothes I’m wearing:




Little depressive Ballerina Outfit (enfants riches deprimes, H and M)


Hello everybody!

This is my first photoshoot in the house, I kind of tried to tell a little story with the photos.

It’s not really a ballerina outfit, I know but it reminded me of it. This outfit centers around the ‘Drogues’ top by enfants riches deprimes, which I bought at Browns in London. This store was interesting, because they had items by Moschino and Ashish, which I have never seen live before. I was very lucky that they had my favorite top by enfants riches deprimes. 

I’m also wearing the Skull Print Cotton Scarf by Marc by Marc Jacobs, which I love and also bought in London 🙂

I hope you like the photos!

isa_riches_et_01 isa_riches_et_02 isa_riches_et_04 isa_riches_et_05

Thanks so much for stopping by ❤

xx Isa

Clothes I’m wearing:



Marc Jacobs – Five dope things (Post by Culture Art Media)

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014

Culture Art Media blogged those five interesting facts about designer Marc Jacobs.

1. American fashion designer Marc Jacobs (April, 1963 – New York)  is the head designer for Marc Jacobs, as well as Marc by Marc Jacobs. I absolutely love his amazing campaigns and the pictures of each campaign are to die for, besides the clothes of course.

2. He was the creative director of  Louis Vuitton from 1997 to 2013. Incredible responsibility and achievement, he’s indeed a talented designer and we’ll continue to see more amazing designs by him for years to come.

3. Marc Jacobs was born to a non-observant Jewish family. He started taking interest in fashion at a young age, and at 15 Jacobs worked as a stockboy at Charivari, a clothing boutique in NYC.

4. He attended the High School of Art and Design and studied at the Parsons School of Design, where he won the Design Student of the Year Award in 1984. He also won an award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1991. Not bad huh?

5. Marc Jacobs, was one of the first fashion designers to come up with a “Street wise aesthetic”, mixing preppie, grunge and couture styles. That’s why I love his work so much!

Visit Culture Art Media for more interesting news!

Like Culture Art Media I also love Marc Jacobs and I’m proud I have studied Design just like him (That’s the only thing we have in common because for me it went downhill since then…) Nevertheless, I love his style, I love the exaggeration and craziness of his fashion.  The combination of two styles that seem to have nothing in common and still work perfectly together. It’s sublime couture with an overdose of street style. I can’t wait to see more from him. 🙂

Going ‘Miley’!


I wasn’t feeling well last week, nothing serious but I was in a bad mood and felt ill. So I decided to make a fun photo-shooting and build an outfit around my ‘Miley Sweater‘ by Ratchet Clothing. I love this sweater, it’s colorful, crazy and the drawings of Miley are really cool!

I used this Faux Hair Fishtail Braid by Claire’s that I bought in Berlin. Miley is always running around with stuff like that in her hair, so it fits the outfit.

It was really fun doing all those stupid, overacted poses and expressions, sometimes you just have to be childish 🙂

I hope the weather stays that good, so I can do some more shootings outside.

Sorry, I’ve been to London the last days and though it was really great, I’m terribly tired, so I won’t write much.

Have a great weekend,

xx Isa


Clothes I’m wearing:



  • Sublime de Chanel waterproof mascara by Chanel
  • Rouge Dior lipstick in ‘Rouge Blossom’
  • ‘Marge’s Extra Ingredients’ eyeshadow quad by MAC Cosmetics (from The Simpsons Collection)
  • 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil by Urban Decay in ‘Woodstock’


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