Christmas Eve 2015 Outfit



this post is about my outfit from christmas eve. Christmas is already about two weeks ago but I still wanted to share some photos with you.


What I’m wearing:



On my eyes:

On my lips: Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel in ’99 Mélancolie’


Christmas Sweater


Hey everyone,

just wanted to show you that sweet christmas sweater I bought at H&M. I love the colors and the cheerful pattern. I’m so in love with it ❤

Pink is my color for christmas this year!

I hope you have all your presents ready, christmas is only 2 days away!

xx Isa


What I’m wearing:


On my brows: Slowburn from the Electric Pressed Pigments Palette by Urban Decay

On my lips: Viva Glam Miley I Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics

Sweet Easter Outfit (Monki, Minkpink)


Dear readers,

I’m so sorry for posting my easter outfit some days too late… But I hope you had a nice weekend and/or public holiday 🙂

I wanted to create a cheerful, spring/summer inspired outfit. Monki’s Tina Top is simply perfect because of it’s gay color and fluffiness. I wore it over the I Am The Resurrection Playsuit by Minkpink, which is an absolute must-have for summer! Don’t you just love those polka dots?!

Since it’s still a little cold were I live I wore the playsuit with some plain black tights. The Lilly Slip Ons by Monki are great because you can wear them with nearly everything, plus their print is really cool. All in all, a perfect outfit for a spring day 🙂

What’s your favorite spring/easter outfit? Do you like the combination of my outfit?

Thank for your interest and have a nice and sunny day! 🙂

xx Isa

ostern_03 ostern_04 ostern_05 ostern_06 ostern_07

Clothes I’m wearing:



Valentine’s Day Outfit (Marc by Marc Jacobs, American Apparel)


Dear readers,

today’s post is all about the outfit I wore on Valentine’s Day. It’s all pink, red and sweet only the unicorn is missing. But I have an Anna (Disney’s Frozen) Plush instead!

The hearts and lips sweater by Marc by Marc Jacobs is perfect for the occasion, it is one of my favorite items. Maybe you already know (if not you do now) how much I love the brand Marc Jacobs, so that fits, too 🙂

I combined the sweater with the Disco Pants by American Apparel which I praised so many times before and a sparkling, mint colored top by Missguided. I must admit that the top by Missguided is rather uncomfortable, it is very scratchy… which is sad because it looks really nice…

After all, I’m pleased with this outfit, I hope you like it, too.

Besides, the pink drink by True Fruits was my reward, hmmmm yummy.

I think a Valentine’s post is the right moment to thank my followers again. Thanks so much for more than 100 Followers on Bloglovin’! I’m really happy about every single one of you! 😀 And thanks to my over 70 followers on Instagram! Maybe you don’t even realize it but every like, comment and follow means much to me. It means that there are people somewhere in the world, that like and support me and the things I do. I’m not a celebrity with thousands of comments and likes, I notice when people like and comment my works and I’m thankful 🙂 Just had to say that.

Thanks for reading my new blog entry!

xx Isa

valntinstag_02 valntinstag_04 valntinstag_05 valntinstag_06 valntinstag_07


Clothes I’m wearing:




Grumpy and Cosy Outfit (Dimepiece LA, H&M x Alexander Wang)


Hello again!

I tried something new 🙂 This time I wanted to tell a little story or at least use some more props and not only combine an outfit like I usually do.

I bought a lamp that is used in a photographic studio. In a studio they have more than one lamp, of course but I don’t have the space and I only want to try it out.

After some attempts it worked out well, please, keep in mind that this is a beginner’s work. I’m satisfied with the photos, I can see that I’m making progress of course, it’s not perfect. No one is born a master, right?!

Anyhow, this was a fun photo shoot, I tried to pose a little grumpy but most of the time I only look sad 😀 The clothes I’m wearing are sporty and comfy, most of all the Hoody by Dimepiece LA. I’m happy I had the chance to get my hands on a piece by that label, I’ve followed Dimepiece LA for quite some time.

I hope you like my photos, please feel free to ask any questions 🙂 And critique is always welcome 🙂

Have a wonderful day,

xx Isa

Wang_Isa_02 Wang_Isa_01 Wang_Isa_03 Wang_Isa_04

Clothes I’m wearing:



Alexander Wang x H and M Outfit Part 1 (Alexander Wang x H and M, Rag and Bone)


Hey there,

finally I can post the first part of my H&M x Alexander Wang Outfit, it features the Scuba Shirt from their collaboration. I wanted to upload that post before Christmas but then Christmas was faster than me xD I made the photos at the end of November and it was really cold that day.

Maybe you remember the Collection from last fall, if not here is the whole Lookbook!

I haven’t had any clothes by Wang before but after seeing the first pictures I decided to get some of the pieces. Actually, I had a hard time making up my mind what to buy… The whole collection is very sportive and some items might be hard to integrate in normal day fashion, what also intrigues me in a way…

At the end, I bought the Scuba Shirt (which I’m wearing in the pictures), the Jacquard-Knit Top and the Reflective Leggings. You can wear the Scuba Shirt in everyday life, the used material is soft and keeps nicely warm. The waistline is made like corset, I can imagine that some people might find it uncomfortable but you get used to it rather fast. It is not that tight, so there won’t be any suffocation 🙂

The only thing I don’t like that much is that the upper arms look so huge, I feel like She-Hulk 🙂 After all, it is a interesting design and material and if you love sporty clothes and an eye-catching design, it’s a must-have.

I’m also wearing my favorite “jeans” (it’s actually made of a soft fabric with a jeans pattern) by rag and bone. When I saw them on a homepage I fell in love with those but since I’m from Germany and I couldn’t find the trousers in any european online shop, I was pretty sure I would have to pass on them… I was very lucky when a friend of mine visited New York last year and brought the jeans along for me. That was so kind of her because she had little time in NY and still got that jeans for me. Thanks Diane! You’re the best!<3

I also want to thank my dear followers on bloglovin’, over 80 followers! Yay, I can’t wait for No. 100 🙂

And thank so much to my followers on Instagram, too. I’ve got over 60 now! Some people think that isn’t much, maybe, but I’m really glad for everyone of my readers.

I hope you liked my post, have a nice day,

xx Isa

Isa_wang_02 Isa_wang_05 Isa_wang_04

Clothes I’m wearing:



A Fall Evening Outfit (Isabel Marant Étoile, Steve Madden, Pimkie)


Hey there!

Have you been busy shopping black friday sales? I’m already checking for Christmas presents, I’ve made a big list. I love making gifts, though people are never as thrilled as I want them to be… grrrr.

I know, sunglasses are always huge on me but Quay has really cool styles and their sunglasses are affordable and chic.

My coat is by Zara and some years old, I still like it. It’s a classic coat that is always in but not warm enough for really cold days, for an autumn day it is perfect.

I’m also proud of my Steve Madden Troopa Boots, I bought them in summer. Muhaha 🙂


Here are some more pictures:

autumn_01 autumn_03


autumn_04 autumn_05



Thanks for stopping by and thanks to my new Bloglovin’ followers 🙂

Let’s see if my Blog can reach 50 follower by the end of the year, that would be great 😀

xx Isa


Clothes I’m wearing:



Cozy Kitten Outfit


Hello everyone!

It’s really getting cold outside now and it’s getting dark way to early, too. I think I have a winter depression… I’m still searching for a place in our house where I can take pictures of my outfits but I haven’t been successful so far. There is not much free space but the real problem is that the rooms are rather dark and I don’t want to use artificial lights…

However, there are also some things that are great about that time of year. I love putting up some lights and candles when it get’s dark and what’s great too, are the cozy and warm clothes.

I’m a big fan of sweaters, I have way too many and still can’t stop buying more… The one I’m wearing is also one of my favorites, I like it’s crazy design and rainbow color. I think I bought it in summer at H&M and it wasn’t an expensive, cat patterns are really in this year.

The snood by Superdry is very comfortable, too. You can totally hide behind it if you don’t want to be seen 🙂

I was wearing a pair of “Disco Pants” by American Apparel, they fit very well and come in so many different colors. Yes, they are expensive but I definitely consider buying another one some day.

In case you like Swarovski jewelry, I spotted their Stardust Bracelet collection some weeks ago and it’s really worth being checked out. You can choose between a normal bracelet and a double one (you can wear the double one as necklace, too). The single bracelet comes in 8 different colors and double bracelet in 14 different colors! I think those bracelets would be a great gift for under the Christmas tree. If you are interested you can get more details on

I really hope you like my outfit, please feel free to write a comment any time. I haven’t had much time to upload often, that’s why I haven’t got much traffic on my blog. I hope you see anyways that I love my blog and put much effort into it. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Maybe I can draw your attention to my instagram acount. I’m uploading more pictures there, maybe you have some free time and stop by 🙂

Thanks so much!

xx Isa



isa_meow_2isa_meow_5 isa_meow_4


Clothes I’m wearing:

  • Sweater with cats pattern by H&M (no longer available)
  • The Disco Pants by American Apparel in “Midnight Navy”
  • Red leather Boots by Buffalo London (no longer available)



  • Sublime de Chanel waterproof mascara by Chanel
  • Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss by Chanel in “Merveille”
  • Nail Polish by Cult Nails in (no longer available)


Going ‘Miley’!


I wasn’t feeling well last week, nothing serious but I was in a bad mood and felt ill. So I decided to make a fun photo-shooting and build an outfit around my ‘Miley Sweater‘ by Ratchet Clothing. I love this sweater, it’s colorful, crazy and the drawings of Miley are really cool!

I used this Faux Hair Fishtail Braid by Claire’s that I bought in Berlin. Miley is always running around with stuff like that in her hair, so it fits the outfit.

It was really fun doing all those stupid, overacted poses and expressions, sometimes you just have to be childish 🙂

I hope the weather stays that good, so I can do some more shootings outside.

Sorry, I’ve been to London the last days and though it was really great, I’m terribly tired, so I won’t write much.

Have a great weekend,

xx Isa


Clothes I’m wearing:



  • Sublime de Chanel waterproof mascara by Chanel
  • Rouge Dior lipstick in ‘Rouge Blossom’
  • ‘Marge’s Extra Ingredients’ eyeshadow quad by MAC Cosmetics (from The Simpsons Collection)
  • 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil by Urban Decay in ‘Woodstock’


Mabel’s Guide to Fashion

No one rocks sweaters like Mabel from Disney’s Gravity Falls. And no one is as crazy as her when it comes to fashion!

So, check out Mabel’s Guide to Fashion:

Enjoy your wednesday!

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